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The Search for the Lost Scrolls!

Event Search Lost Scroll Scrolls

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#1 GM Eos

GM Eos


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Posted 02 January 2017 - 07:35 AM



To all brave and mighty adventurers, a new challenge awaits you:

The Search for the Lost Scrolls!!!

It has been rumored that five Elders scattered across the continent will reward you with the Lost scrolls if you are able to fulfill their quests.

These scrolls are:
Scroll of Cuprum, Scroll of Argentum, and Scroll of Aurum.

5 of each of these scrolls together will imbue the power of ancient magic and is said to bestow upon the adventurer items of great importance.

The Search for the Lost Scrolls Full Guide:


1. Find the five elders scattered across Rune Midgard. Each of these elders will require you to gather 5 quest items. Each of the elder’s requirements change on a daily basis.



Elder Abbe (hu_fild05,314,208)

Elder Beohrtric (



Elder Diocles (yuno_fild03,40,146)



Elder Caius (odin_tem02,177,290)



Elder Gebhard (ein_fild04,140,266)


List of Required Items:

Note: Each elder will pick 5 items from this list randomly on a daily basis.


Glass Bead  


Shining Scale   

Turtle Shell   




Dragon Scale             

Elder Pixie's Moustache    




Wolf Claw   

Dokebi Horn   

Broken Shuriken   

Worn-out Kimono   

Glossy Hair   

Wing of Dragonfly   

Nine Tails  



Tough Scalelike Stem

Claw of Monkey  

Alice's Apron  

Old Shuriken    

Broken Sword

Brown Root  


Witherless Rose 

Frozen Rose 

Crystal Blue        

Green Live  

Wind of Verdure 

Red Blood 

Flame Heart   

Slick Paper   




Piece of Bamboo 

Festival Mask


Black Ladle

Needle of Alarm

Rotten Meat

Mud Lump

Bookclip in Memory


Antelope Horn


Dark Mask

Broken Liquor Jar

Black Bear Skin

Strange Steel Piece

Cloud Crumb


Crystal Mirror

Broken Farming Utensil 

Skull Ring


Old Broom

Old Pick

Pumpkin Lantern


2. Once you successfully gathered their required items, each of the Elders will randomly give you any of the three scrolls. The Scroll of Cuprum with the highest chance, Scroll of Argentum with a slightly lower chance, and the Scroll of Aurum being the rarest.


3. Collect five (5) of each variant of the scrolls then talk to the Ancient Statue located in South Payon (payon 165,48). It will only be accepting offerings for ten (10) minutes every hour.

Note: The Ancient Statue will not be clickable if you don’t have five of any variant of the scroll in your inventory.


4. Once you have five of any variant of the scroll, The Ancient Statue will be clickable and you can choose what scrolls you would like to use, and if you would want to get either EXP or Items. 


5. If you choose EXP, the Ancient Statue will provide a set amount of EXP per level bracket, and the type of scroll you use will multiply this EXP. X5 for the Scroll of Aurum, x3 for the Scroll of Argentum, and x1 for the Scroll of Cuprum.


6. If you choose Items, the Ancient Statue will randomly pick one (1) reward from the list of items written in each of the scrolls. The rarest and best items can be obtained from the Scroll of Aurum, while the Scroll of Argentum and Cuprum will yield slightly rare to common items.





Scroll of Aurum Items


Robo Eye

Costume Aurum Crown

Flapping Angel Wing

Premium Reset Stone

Battle Manual
Gym Pass
Old Purple Box
Old Card Album
B Halter Box 30Days
Hunting Arrow Quiver
Acid Bomb 10 Box
Deadly Poison Box
Eos Badge
Emblem of the Sun God
Emperium Anvil
Convex Mirror
Scroll of Argentum Items
Costume Argentum Crown
Sunglasses [1]
Eos Badge
Old Blue Box
Glistening Coat
Yggdrasil Berry 10 Box
Token Of Siegfried
Poison Bottle
Convex Mirror
Speed Potion
Elite Siege Supply Box
Battle Manual
Scroll of Cuprum Items
Costume Cuprum Crown
Clip [1]
Eos Badge
Gift Box
Golden Anvil
Token Of Siegfried
Elite Siege Supply Box
Speed Potion
Battle Manual
Poison Bottle


7. The Ancient Statue will consume your scrolls every time you receive an item or EXP.

8. The Elder's Quests will reset on a daily basis.

#2 noelkarlo



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Posted 04 January 2017 - 01:34 AM

Is this quest doable per character or per account?

#3 Prodiuz



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Posted 04 January 2017 - 05:38 AM

is this permanent ??

#4 Vorhis Gray

Vorhis Gray

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Posted 04 January 2017 - 07:41 AM

any updates from this one EOS?

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#5 GM Eos

GM Eos


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Posted 04 January 2017 - 08:20 AM

This quest is on a per account basis, and yes it is permanent.

#6 Prodiuz



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Posted 05 January 2017 - 07:04 PM

GM i have a little request for this quest reduce the amount of claw of monkey item because choco spawn is not that much and its too hassle to w8 for it to respawn again

#7 gwapompz



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Posted 06 January 2017 - 04:30 AM

pababaan naman po sana ng need na claw of monkey andami ng 15 @@ 5 choco lang respawn sa umbala2

#8 noelkarlo



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Posted 06 January 2017 - 07:33 AM

That's the challenge. You really have to devote time and effort for it. 

#9 caladbolg



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Posted 06 January 2017 - 04:19 PM

When will this event ends?

#10 GM Eos

GM Eos


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Posted 06 January 2017 - 05:03 PM

When will this event ends?

This quest is permanent.

#11 Kakeru



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Posted 24 January 2017 - 12:55 AM

this quest looks cool

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